Joanne Weir

Come cook with me.

Join Joanne Weir for her new cooking series on television nationwide and on one of her international culinary journeys around the world! From Tuscany to Provence, La Rioja and Seville to Venice, and Morocco to Greece, you'll learn from her vast knowledge of food and wine and experience luxurious accommodations. Each trip is filled with culinary cooking classes and visits to Joanne's favorite markets, artisans and vineyards...all designed for an unforgettable experience.  Joanne also teaches hands-on cooking classes in her San Francisco, California kitchen studio.

Tune to Joanne's new TV series, "Gets Fresh"!

Season one of Joanne Weir Gets Fresh is airing nationwide on American Public Television! See TV listings.

Joanne Weir Gets Fresh Series

Paella with Chicken, Shellfish and Chorizo

The ultimate party meal and easier than you think!

Chicken and Shellfish Paella

Cooking classes in San Francisco or Online!

Whether you're just beginning to cook, or need some inspiration and techniques,  Joanne is here for you!