Culinary Tour to Sicily, Italy

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Ready to embark on a sensory journey in the heart of the Mediterranean? Sicily, a treasure trove of rich history, captivating culture, awe-inspiring architecture, and dramatic landscapes, awaits you. Immerse yourself in one of the world's most diverse, exciting, and delicious cuisines. And after a day of exploration, unwind in exquisite accommodations with breathtaking views!

Enjoy Sicily's rich culture, scenery and delicious culinary traditions.

Our journey begins at a stunning villa in the Catania Region, on the eastern coast, where the slopes of Mount Etna overlook the Ionian Sea. This area, with its unique culinary tradition, is a true gem of Sicily. During our stay, we'll not only enjoy the scenery and views but also immerse ourselves in the local culture. We'll prepare meals together in our hands-on cooking classes, sample local sweet delicacies, visit vineyards and enjoy tasting at exclusive wineries, stroll through charming and historic villages, and shop at local markets, truly experiencing the essence of Sicily!

And then there's the food. What I love most about Sicilian cuisine is its diversity. While many regions of Italy have a distinctive culinary heritage that shares little with other cultures, Sicilian food shows ingredients, flavors, and dishes from every culture that has established itself on the island over the past two millennia – and trust me, that's a long list. Plus, warm waters and frequent rains, combined with the temperate climate of Sicily, make the island a perfect place for growing a wide variety of food and producing world-class wines.

Sicily offers the perfect combination for culinary travelers like us, and I can't wait to explore it with you!

* Price listed is per person and based on double occupancy. Limited single rooms available and supplement charge of $2000.00US applies for solo travelers.  Airfare not included.  Deposit per person is required to secure a spot. See the tour terms for more detail.

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We'll stay at the Rocca delle Tre Contrade, perched in a stunningly panoramic position atop its hill on Sicily's east coast. Uninterrupted 360-degree views take in the sparkling Ionian Sea to one side and the fertile flanks and lava peak of Mount Etna to the other. The views of this former aristocratic estate are rich with vivid greens and citrus flashes from lemon groves, fruit orchards, and vegetable gardens.

The magnificence of Mother Nature is rivaled only by the spectacular 25-meter, south-facing infinity pool, the like of which we have never seen, and the delightful interiors, which have been renovated and refurbished to exactingly high standards. We'll dine al fresco on panoramic terraces surrounded by luscious lemon groves, fruit orchards, and vegetable gardens. The views, in case you needed reminding, are bewitching, no matter where you look!

Situated near the town of Santa Venerina on the east coast of Sicily between Catania and Taormina, Rocca delle Tre Contrade is the perfect home base from which we can visit Taormina, Catania, Mount Etna, charming fishing villages and lovely beaches nearby. 

Ready to see more?  Take a virtual tour of our villa!

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Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Sicilian cuisine. While it shares many of the classic dishes we associate with Italian cuisine, it also showcases a unique blend of influences from all across the Mediterranean. Sicilian ingredients are a testament to the island's history, holding the memories of the cultures that have left their mark over the centuries. From the spices of the Arabs, the couscous of North Africa, the fish, olives, and olive oils, pistachios, and broad beans of Greek settlers, to the meat dishes courtesy of French and German immigrants, and a variety of ingredients from Spain, this is the kind of cuisine that makes cooking an adventure! 

Step into the heart of Sicilian cuisine with our immersive, hands-on cooking classes. From mastering the succulent Eggplant Caponata to creating the addictive Arancini, you'll be at the forefront of preparing Sicilian favorites like Pasta alla Norma in our villa's well-equipped kitchen.  And the best part? We'll guide you in creating cannolis from scratch, using Dora's family's traditional recipe that she has perfected over decades. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the flavors of Sicily!

Then, indulge in the perfect pairing of exceptional wines with our delectable meals! From the smooth and juicy Nero d'Avola, the island's flagship red, to the elegant, mineral-driven reds and whites from the slopes of Mount Etna, we'll savor some of the most exciting wines coming out of Italy. Unsurprisingly, Wine Enthusiast describes how the variety of Sicily's wine, from full-bodied reds to vibrant, mineral-driven whites, combines with the fantastic local cuisine to create a wine-lovers paradise. Get ready to elevate your culinary experience with every sip!

*Wine Enthusiast- Best Wine Destinations 2017

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We won't have to go far to explore some of Sicily's best! Everywhere you turn, there are streets filled with color, history, and breathtaking scenery, and our villa is just a short ride to Catania,Taormina, Mt. Etna, and beyond! 

Sicilian Wine, markets, and more!

While I don't want to spoil the surprises in our trip itinerary, we'll take scenic drives, taste fabulous Sicilian wines, and visit the famous fish markets in Catania.  Then, we'll cross the bridge to Ortigia. Surrounded by turquoise waters, this tiny island boasts a rich history, fabulous food, and beautiful scenery. We'll join our guide for a walk through the street markets and discover excellent street vendors serving outstanding local specialties like arancini and cannoli.

With Mt. Etna and her peak's whisps of smoke beckoning from the terraces of our villa, we'll answer her call and walk along a path that makes you feel like you're on top of the world.  Afterward, we can visit one of my favorite regional wineries and feast on a lunch that pairs beautifully with their wines.

There is so much to see.  Prepare for a fantastic trip!

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The price for this journey is $6750.00 US per person, based on double occupancy. A deposit of $2000.00 US per person is required to register for the journey. Limited single occupancy rooms available and a single supplement charge of $1500.00 US applies for solo travelers. Please read the Tour Terms and Conditions for more detail.

We strongly recommended that participants obtain travel insurance.  Please note that travel insurance policies and their provisions vary, so be sure to read the details and choose a policy that meets your needs. 

We suggest arriving in Italy at least one day in advance of this tour. Not only does this give you some time to adjust to the time difference, but it also provides you with more time to explore. 

The closest International airport to your villa is Catania Airport. A group transfer to and from Catania Airport is included in the cost of the tour. The tour begins with a welcome reception on the evening of the first day and concludes with breakfast on the final day. Private transfers can be arranged at an additional cost.

We are committed to following Federal, State and local health guidelines to the best of our ability during this tour.


  • Limited group size and carefully curated itinerary
  • Meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner (one exception) with wine
  • Accommodations for 6 nights
  • Hands on and demonstration cooking classes
  • Excurions, day trips and multilingual guides
  • Tastings
  • Transportation during the tour
  • Group transfer from Seville to our Hacienda, and group transfer back to Seville Airport at the conclusion of the tour

Not Included:

  • Airfare is not included in the package price.
  • One meal at a special location (optional)
  • Tips for services and hospitality
  • Trip insurance (optional, yet highly recommended)