Joanne Weir's Cookbooks

Weir Cooking: Recipes from the Wine Country

Aug 1999

Joanne Weir’s enthusiasm for the land she calls "heaven on Earth" — the California wine country — suffuses this unusual cookbook. Weir’s discovery that Northern California lies on the same latitude as Spain, Greece, Turkey, and southern Italy inspired her to make a culinary connection between them.

You Say Tomato

Jun 1998

A fresh, ripe, still-warm-from-the-sun tomato with a sprinkling of coarse salt. A mug of creamy thick tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. A bed of linguine topped with chunks of tomato and lobster. Chicken breasts filled with homemade oven-roasted tomato tapenade. Freshly pressed cold tomato juice ready and waiting for the perfect Bloody Mary.

Winter: Recipes Inspired by Nature's Bounty (Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Celebration)

Nov 1997

Beautifully designed and photographed. Recipes are inspiring and concepts are a twist on standard cooking techniques.

Autumn: Recipes Inspired by Nature's Bounty (Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Celebration)

Oct 1997

"It is chalk full of the recipes you expect to find in a book about the fall, with the delicious harvest time ingredients. Joanne Weir wrote the recipes for this book and she is a very talented cook indeed. But she has formated her recipes in such a way that any level of cook can manage to follow" -microjoe (Top500 Reviewer on Amazon)