In the Media

Along with my cookbooks, I also write articles for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Here's a listing of recent publications.

I've provided links to online articles where available. For reprints please contact the publication directly.

Note: If you would like to contact Joanne for an article, interview, or appearance please use the contact form or call 415.262.0260.

"Behind the Kitchen Door:  The Cooking Teacher's Kitchen"
FIne Cooking Magazine, July 2013
Fine Cooking Magazine takes you behind the scenes and into Joanne's kitchen

"Joanne Weir Provides the Home Cook with the Missing Ingredient...Confidence"
Mairn Independent Journal, January 2013
Marin Independent interview with Joanne

"Copita Lands in Sausalito"
Grubstreet SF, April 2012
Grubstreet SF is gearing up for carnitas at my new restaurant!

"Spring Recipe"
KCET Public Kitchen March 2012
 Olive oil and orange cake on KCET!

"Great New App!"
Good Housekeeping February, 2012
 My new appetizer app is a hit with Good Housekeeping!

SF Eater February 2012
Construction underway and plenty of tequila ordered for my new restaurant!

"Web Extra:  Small Plate Dinner Recipes"
More Magazine, February 2012
 My tapas-style recipes for More Magazine

"TASTE AWARDS To Honor Food and Fashion TV & Film Stars on Jan. 12th in Hollywood"
PR Newswire, December 7, 2011
I am excited to be a presenter at the Hollywood TASTE AWARDS.

"Famous Chefs & Fabulous Recipes"
Akron Beacon Journal, November 2, 2011
An excerpt with two of my recipes from Lisa Abraham's new book by the same title.

"Margarita leads to Copita, first restaurant for Weir"
Marin Independent Journal, November 2, 2011
Inspiration for Copita, and my collaboration with Larry Mindel.

"Joanne Weir and Larry Mindel team up to bring Copita to Sausalito"
Inside Scoop SF, September 29, 2011
More about Copita, the Mexican restaurant and Tequila bar I am opening with Larry Mindel in Spring 2012!

"Taste for Tequila fuels Copita, to open in spring"
San Francisco Chronicle, September 29, 2011
Breaking news about Copita, the Mexican restaurant and Tequila bar I am opening with Larry Mindel in Spring 2012!

"Market Watch: Biting Into Tomato Season with Chef Joanne Weir"
7X7 SF, July 14, 2011
My BLT Salad demo was a hit at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market!

"Trendspotters Pick Top Five Food Trends at Winter Fancy Food Show"
PR NEWSWIRE, January 18, 2011
Check out the food trends I identified at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show.

"Winter's bright spots: Neon orange of winter produce cheers a gray day"
Chico Enterprise Record, January 12, 2011
Warm up by making yourself a pot of my Lamb Shanks with White Beans.

"Make a perfect soufflé with Joanne Weir
SheKnows, January 12, 2011
I had fun writing this how-to technique article on soufflés.

"DISHING IT OUT: Cake has orange 'essence'
Times-Standard, December 1, 2010
One of my students is the focus of this great piece on my Provence culinary tours. The story includes my recipes for Olive Oil and Orange Essence Cake with Soft Cream.

"A Culinary Trip Around the Mediterranean with Joanne Weir"
San Francisco Book Review, August 5, 2010
Wonderful writer Kaye Cloutman and photographer Michael Kagan came to "audit" My Trip Around the Mediterranean cooking course on the Spain-themed day. We had so much fun making tapas and paella to feed a crowd!

"Recipe Redux: Raspberry Vinegar, 1900"
The New York Times Magazine
My 2010 version of an "adult ice cream sundae" using a 1900 Times raspberry vinegar recipe. Try it you will love it!

"Cherry Tomatoes"
Bon Appetit, July 2010
A collection of my recipes featuring height-of-summer cherry tomatoes.

"Cookbook Review: Tequila: A Guide to Types, Flights, Cocktails and Bites"
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, January 28, 2010
A nice review of my TEQUILA book.

"Celebrity chef Joanne Weir is highlight of 19th Expo in Boston"
The Eagle Tribune, January 21, 2010
I am the guest chef at the Boston Wine Expo this weekend. Come see me!

"How to Throw a Budget-Friendly Holiday Bash", December 2009
Check out my tips on how to throw a holiday party without breaking the bank!

"My Mother's Chocolate Cake"
AARP - The Magazine, December 2009
My mother Jean and I had so much fun collaborating on this project. Get her recipe for a delicious chocolate cake!

"2010 TASTY Awards: Honoring the Best in Food & Fashion Programming"
TASTY Awards, December 2009
I am the winner of the"Outstanding Passion" Special Achievment Award presented by the Tasty Awards for outstanding food & fashion programs on television, in film, and online. The official red carpet ceremony will take place in San Francisco on January 14, 2010.

"The Art of Holiday Living: Secrets for Throwing a Budget-Friendly Bash"
AARP - The Magazine, October 2009
An interactive feature with tips and recipes for budget-friendly holiday entertaining.

"Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Oh My!"
O - The Oprah Magazine, September 2009
I am so excited!!! My TEQUILA book is mentioned in the September issue of Oprah Magazine!! Love it!!

"Food Communications for Today's Busy Lifestyle with Joanne Weir"
Pierce Mattie Public Relations NYC, September 3, 2009
Features easy-to-make recipes I developed for Lindsay Olives

"Joanne Weir: A Culinary Virtuoso"
Kepler's Books Book Flap Blog, August 16, 2009
An interview about my career with Kepler's Books.

"Meeting Julia"
Project Foodie, August 11, 2009
In celebration of all things Julia Child, my guest blog post about my first encounter with Julia.

"SFChefs.Food.Wine. offer a taste of Bay Area"
San Francisco Chronicle, July 30, 2009
I am so excited to be one of the Bay Area chefs participating in the first annual SFChefs.Food.Wine event!

"Pick a Bouquet of Basil"
Download the pdfCooking Light, July 2009
A fabulous collection of recipes featuring basil, including Purple Basil Lemonade, Phyllo Pizza with Feta, Basil and Tomatoes, and Lime Basil Sorbet, just to name a few!

"Simple Toss-Together Meals Stretch the Food Budget"
Pink Lemonade, July 2009
A bunch of easy toss-together salad recipes I developed for Lindsay Olives.

"SF Foodie Royalty Reveals Junk Food Favorites"
SFist, June 4, 2009
A fun piece where I reveal my junk food weaknesses! 

"Tequila by Joanne Weir"
Culinate, May 29, 2009
Culinate does a cookbook giveaway each Friday and this Friday featured my new TEQUILA book and includes new recipes from the book including the Sangrita and Bay Scallop Ceviche.

"Tequila's artisan revolution"
San Jose Mercury News, May 26, 2009
Tequila has everyone talking, and my new TEQUILA book is mentioned along with my upcoming classes.

"Tequila enjoys revival"
Erie Times News, May 8, 2009
A whirlwind of new tequilas have hit the market, and my new TEQUILA book is mentioned as one channel for exploring everything tequila.

"Tequila renaissance"
Boston Herald, May 4, 2009
Everyone's talking about tequila! My TEQUILA book is mentioned along with quotes from me and Eric Rubin from Tres Agaves.

"Cook's Books: Weir's 'Tequila' "
San Francisco Chronicle, May 1, 2009
May Day! I am so happy for a really nice review of my new TEQUILA book from Lynne Char Bennett at the Chronicle who calls the "book's "bites" all Weir"!

Cooking Light Magazine - May 2009 issue
Cooking Light, May 2009
Check out the May issue of Cooking Light magazine for some of my delicious springtime recipes including: Braised Chicken with Baby Vegetables and Peas and Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Caramelized Spring Onions and Thyme.

"Tequila makers taking a shot at boutique brands"
Houston Chronicle, April 29, 2009
Another great review of my new TEQUILA book including the Tea-Quila Highball cocktail recipe from the book.

"A tequila renaissance"
Contra Costa Times, April 29, 2009
I'm so excited about the rapidly growing interest in tequila and in this article they talk about some of our misconceptions about tequila, and how far this spirit has come. There are lots of references to my new TEQUILA book and my TEQUILA weekend cooking course in San Francisco.

"Tequila tasters put six brands to the test"
St.Petersburg Times, April 29, 2009
This article refers to my new TEQUILA book and how to compare tequilas by doing vertical and horizontal tastings using tequilas from the different growing regions.

"Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with tequilas made of 100 percent blue agave"
St.Petersburg Times, April 29, 2009
Additional mentions of my new TEQUILA book and an explanation of why 100% agave is so important to the quality of good tequila.

"Los Angeles-Based Chef Wins Top Prize in Earth Day Culinary Competition; Judging Panel Included Actress Julianne Moore"
PR Newswire, April 23, 2009
Watch the video clip of the SOYJOY Earth Day cooking competition for which I was one of the celebrity judges - it was such a fun event and I met the lovely Julianne Moore and Dave Lieberman.

"New tequila choices for Cinco de Mayo"
Newsday, April 2009
Mention of my new Tequila book for your Cinco de Mayo celebration!

"One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!"
The New Fillmore, April 2009
A local San Francisco  review of my new Tequila book.

"Go Ahead, Bend the Rules"
The Washington Post, March 2009
A thoughtful review of my new Tequila book including a couple of cocktail recipes - the Nouveau Carre and the Prado.

"Review: Tequila"
Revolution Magazine
The first review of my new Tequila book which includes the recipe for my Surly Temple cocktail - my playful spin on the classic Shirley Temple drink we probably all loved as kids - but the Surly Temple is strictly for adults!

"Cooking Club: A Modern Comfort Menu"
Bon Appétit Magazine, March 2009
A fantastic menu for 6 people - get a copy!

Fine Cooking Magazine, March 2009
A delicious feature on one of my favorite winter citrus fruits - oranges! Download a PDF with all the recipes.

"Quick Mediterranean Recipes from Joanne Weir"
Food & Wine
Check out 15 of my fast Mediterranean recipes.

"Area charities gain $12,000 from Art of Food and Wine fest"
The Desert Sun
Recap of a private dinner event I hosted on behalf of KCET - Los Angeles.

"Cook Joanne Weir's local picks for food, wine"
San Francisco Chronicle
Some of my favorite Bay Area picks for food, fashion, wine and tequila in the "On the Town" section.

"In a Chef's Home Kitchen"
NBC's In Wine Country
The In Wine Country team shot a "foraging" segment with me and in this video I show host Mary Babbitt how to prepare my "pollo forte" recipe.

"A Fall Menu from Joanne Weir"
Al Dente Blog
I am a featured guest chef blogger on the Amazon Al Dente blog.

"cooking school: travels with Joanne"
Traditional Home
Traditional Home did a photo shoot during my summer cooking course in San Francisco in my kitchen with real students. The story features my cooking classes around the world and the photos from the cooking class are so beautiful! Pick up a copy of the November 2008 issue!

"Eat the street food"
San Francisco Chronicle
A letter from my friend Eric Rubin of Tres Agaves to the editor mentioning our trip to Jalisco, Mexico and our street food eating adventures.

"Everyone Needs Cookbooks"
Metro Magazine
My new Wine Country Cooking book is a collector's must-have!

"Art of Food & Wine Event offers a taste of "Festival" food"
The Desert Sun
A mention of my participation in the Art of Food & Wine Festival in Palm Desert.

"The mavens of fine food release their first major cookbook"
East Valley Tribune
A wonderful review of the Cooking with Les Dames d'Escoffier cookbook to which I was a contributing dame.

"My Favorite Cookbook"
Christian Science Monitor
A roundup of readers' favorite cookbooks including mention of From Tapas to Meze.

"Common Theme: One book is an ode to California wines; another fetes Mediterranean wine bars"
Winston-Salem Journal
Another nice review of my Wine Country Cooking book.

"Toast to the Most: Wine Country Cooking"
The Food Paper by
The Food Paper hit exactly on my latitude/attitude approach to Wine Country Cooking and they generously included my White Bean Salad with Peppers, Goat Cheese and Mint recipe. Yum!

"Lemon lights up these crisp cookies"
Fort Worth Star Telegram
They were "smitten" by my idea of poaching fresh mozzarella balls and fell in love with (and shared!) my recipe for Pucker-Up Citrus Crisps from my Wine Country Cooking book.

"Books for Cooks: Wine Country Cooking"
The Kansas City Star
A thoughtful (and hunger provoking!) review of my Wine Country Cooking book.

"A meal to channel Napa into NYC"
New York Daily News
Three delicious recipes from my Wine Country Cooking book are featured: Grilled Chicken Breasts with Sweet Corn and Pepper Relish, Pizza with Arugula and Shaved Parmigiano, and Tomato and Herbed Ricotta Salata Salad. I'm salivating!!!

"Will you have wine with that?"
Baltimore Sun
A nice review of my new Wine Country Cooking book.

"Joanne Weir's Cucumber and Feta Salad"
My dear friend and fellow Chez Panisse alum, David Lebovitz, loves my Cucumber and Feta Salad recipe from my From Tapas to Meze book. His blog is so great!

"Lemon lights up these crisp cookies", August 6, 2008
My "Pucker-Up" Citrus Crisps recipes from my new Wine Country Cooking book is featured. Yum!

"Kitchen Tour: Joanne Weir's Live/Work Laboratory"
Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
Sara Kate came to have a glass of wine and tour my kitchen and wrote a great post with slideshow.

"Learn to Cook in Faraway Lands"
A great photo and mention of my Culinary Journeys to Seville, Spain!

"The Gallo Family Announces the Winners of the 2008 Gallo Family Vineyards Gold Medal Awards"
Gallo Family Vineyards, April 30, 2008
I am one of the judges for this event and fell in love with all of the artisan products and producers!

"From Tapas to Meze"
Chef Talk
Review by Brook Elliott of my very first book!

"Joanne Weir's Smoked Ham, White Bean, and Tomato Soup with Mint"
Napa Valley Register, January 15, 2008
I contributed this delicious soup recipe to Leslie Jonath and Frankie Frankeny's book "Soup's On!" (Chronicle Books)

"Cooking Classes"
San Jose Mercury News, June 20, 2007
A great mention of my new Cooking School in San Francisco where you can take private cooking classes in my kitchen!

"Lots Cooking in Amherst"
The Republican, June 12, 2007
Article mentioning my participation in my alma mater's - University of Massachusetts-Amherst "Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference" for campus food services!

"PBS chef, author prefers teaching to entertaining"
Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 16, 2007
A wonderful story about me and my passion for teaching cooking by Joe Crea.

"Chefs, restaurateurs got raves at Taste of the Nation"
Toledo Blade, May 6, 2007
More wonderful coverage of the Taste of the Nation Event and my very popular gnocchi with roquefort cream!

"From sea to sea"
Columbus Dispatch, April 25, 2007
Interview with me prior to the WOSU Public Media live auction event where I was a guest chef with Lidia Bastianich.

Contra Costa Times, April 18, 2007
A fantastic (and first) press mention about my Agave Girls club!

Taste of the Nation - "Look for layers of flavor from local and celebrity chefs"
Toledo Blade, March 20, 2007
Nice article by Kathie Smith mentioning my favorite gnocchi recipe and my guest chef participation at the Taste of the Nation Toledo event in spring 2007.

"Make-ahead gnocchi a showstopper"
San Francisco Chronicle, December 27, 2006
A fantastic piece about my showstopping gnocchi with roquefort cream - and it includes the recipe!

"New television cooking shows debut"
Staten Island Advance, December 27, 2006
Mention of the launch of "Joanne Weir's Cooking Class" in the New York area.

"Fine Cooking suggests roasting potatoes for crispy, tender, flavorful salads"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 13, 2006
Coverage of my September roasted (not boiled!) potato salad recipes in Fine Cooking magazine - yummy!

"The Well-Lived Life: A Culinary Journey"
La Vie Claire, Fall 2005
A beautiful new magazine with gorgeous photos featuring my Culinary Journeys to Provence. It's such a great feature!

Download the Tapas article in pdf "Tapas Today"
Cooking Light Magazine, September 2005
I love to eat tapas! Some great, easy recipes for a tapas party at home.

Download the Jefferson's Garden article in pdf "Thomas Jefferson's Garden"
Cooking Light Magazine, July 2005
A great story on Thomas Jefferson's love of food and recipes using ingredients planted in his garden at Monticello.

Download the Stone Fruit Salad article in pdf "Stone Fruit Salad with Toasted Almonds"
Cooking Light Magazine, July 2005
One of my all-time favorite summer salad recipes using the best stone fruit and fresh goat cheese.

Download the Tour de Cuisine article in pdf "Cooking Class: Tour de Cuisine"
Cooking Light Magazine, June 2005
A great feature on my Provence cooking course, including photos and recipes.

Food & Wine Fast Book 2004
Cover and several other recipes by me featured in this special publication.

"Spiced Cranberry and Zinfandel Sauce"
Cooking Light Magazine, November 2004
This is such a great fall recipe during cranberry season.

"Fresh Figs"
Cooking Light Magazine, August 2004
I just love fresh figs—especially in savory dishes like the "Chicken Braised with Leeks and Figs". Yum!

Download the Cooking Light Cranberry article in pdfDownload the Cooking Light Fresh Fig article in pdf

"Spring Showers: Make-Ahead Recipes for a Spring Party"
Cooking Light Magazine, April 2004
Recipes by me.

"Tomato Salad"
Fine Cooking Magazine, August/September 2003
Recipes for one of my favorite fruits.

"All About Tomatoes" & "Dinner at Dusk"
Cooking Light Magazine, July 2003
Everything you always wanted to know about tomatoes plus recipes for a late summer meal! Both articles are available in PDF.

Download the Dinner at Dusk article in pdfDownload the All About Tomatoes article in pdf

"Weir Cooking"
Delicious Magazine, July 2003
Some cooking in the land down under, Australia—one of my favorite places in the world.

Download the Summer Savory article in pdf "Summer Savory: Recipes for a Mediterranean al Fresco Lunch"
Cooking Light Magazine, June 2003
Love eating outdoors; love Mediterranean food! Enjoy the article and my recipes in PDF!

"Wine Country Home"
Food & Wine Magazine, October 2002
Great feature on my kitchen and all of the appliances and professional kitchen features we used in the design. (Available online here)

. . . . . . . . . . .

Sometimes magazines and newspapers write about me or one of my cookbooks. Here's a partial listing:

"Say I Do with Mirassou: Recipes for Every Occasion"
Article about me and lots of recipes that are perfect for engagement parties and wedding receptions.

"World Class"
Gourmet Traveller Magazine (Australia), November 2004
An article and recipes inspired by local Australian ingredients. I love Australia!

"Picnic by the Bay"
Coastal Living Magazine, October 2004
A feature on a Farmer's Market picnic feast I prepared for friends and family.

"The Urban Oven"
New York Daily News, March 17, 2004
A review of Weir Cooking in the City.

"Gourmet Getaways"
Cooking Light Magazine, April 2004
Information on my 2004 Culinary Journeys.

"Melting-Pot Chic"
O, the Oprah Magazine, March 2004
A review of Weir Cooking in the City: "...brims with dishes that are sexy and sophisticated yet simple..." Don't you love Oprah!

"Recipe for a Cook's Kitchen"
Inspired House Magazine, March/April 2004
An inside look at my kitchen. (Available online at

"Eating with Friends"
Boston Globe, February 25, 2000
A look inside my new television series, Weir Cooking in the City.

"Cooking Tours: An Appetite to Learn"
Washington Post, October 24, 2000
One of my students describes her trip to Tuscany on one of my Culinary Journeys.

"Fresh Finds: Culinary Journey"
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, June 2000
A little feature on my culinary journeys to Europe and Napa.