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Joanne Weir
My Mother's homemade legacy
I was so touched by the incredible response from all of you who received the newsletter tribute to my father. It was amazing to read stories about your fathers who also served our country with similar experiences. I shared many of your wonderful emails and notes with my mother who was very touched by your support. It means a lot to my family and me.

It is only fitting I dedicate this newsletter to my mother, best friend, and constant source of inspiration, Jean Tenanes, for Mother’s Day. I talk to my mother on the phone every day – about everything from recipes (of course!), to where I’m teaching that day, or my brother John’s recent mentions in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. My mom is a professional cook (I’m 4th generation professional chef) and she is also an incredible baker. You’ve probably heard me tell stories about when I was growing up my sandwiches were made with homemade-everything:  fresh-baked bread, just-whipped mayonnaise, and vine-ripened tomatoes from her garden. Sounds idyllic now, but as a kid I just wanted the same peanut butter and jelly that everyone else had. I do have her to thank as I ultimately became a chef because of her influence- and I thank her every day for this gift and love of food.

My mother and I have collaborated on more than a few projects together over the years, and I’m hoping we can do even more in the near future. Last year everyone loved the AARP Chocolate Cake recipe, and the May 2011 issue of AARP has a new story about us: Love, Mom: Homemade Secrets featuring my mother’s sweetest treats I know you’ll love.

Here are some homemade recipes from my mother that we both hope you’ll share with love this Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!
Joanne Weir
"A Week in Provence"
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