Joanne & MarioMy fellow chefs, cookbook authors, cooking teachers, and food writers now tell me to "check out their blog" and "subscribe to their RSS feed" to find out what they're doing these days. Technology is great for a lot of reasons - I love that I can take photos during my trip to India on my PDA, upload them to a photo sharing website or my blog, and share them with all my friends and family, with only a few clicks. I also love that I can now quickly and easily communicate with my friends in Italy, France, Spain, Australia, and all over the world without having to worry about the time difference!

I'm so lucky to have worked with or met so many creative and talented people over the years. I consider many of them dear friends and collaborate with a lot of them on a very regular basis. I hope you'll check out their blogs and websites and enjoy their content, recipes, and personalities as much as I do!

David Lebovitz

Divina Cucina

Chef Tyler Florence

Chef Ming Tsai

Chef Joey Altman

Chef Mario Batali

Chef Emeril Lagasse

Chef Lidia Bastianich

Chef Martin Yan

Chef Gary Danko

Chef Suvir Saran

Parties That Cook

La Gramiere

Chef Bruce Hill

Cooking with Amy

Chef Laurence Jossel

Chef Gerald Hirigoyen

Mary Risley

Chef Hubert Keller

Andrea Immer Robinson

Tom Farella & Farella Vineyard

Nick Malgieri

Chef Cesare Casella

Laura Werlin

Chef Elizabeth Falkner

Chef Traci des Jardins

Chef Anthony Angellotti

Jefferson Mack

Isabella Monnier Leland